All things reconsidered… #1

I’ve said before that the story of my life is retracting and qualifying the things I say in haste. Here are the things reconsidered for this week:

  1. Regarding my post on Structure and Change in Economic History, I believe I failed to comprehend in my first reading that North offers first the neoclassical understanding of the state, then its deficiencies in explaining empirical and theoretical phenomena, and then proposes his own addition to “fix” the neoclassical understanding (with institutional analysis).
  2. Regarding Phil Magness’s post, I would say that #2 could be critiqued on the fact that even neo-institutional analysis recognizes ideology as arising from economic systems; #3 is not a full argument and needs more fleshing out; and #4 is fair but fails to recognize that Marxist analysis has (in at least some presentations) moved beyond determinism to an ethical framework.
  3. Regarding Peter Rabbit, I realize that in my head I conflated three different rodents: Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Button, and Peter Cottontail. I don’t think it affects the post’s content (I got the story straight), but that that pure luck.

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